We deliver primary and preventive health care services, regardless of your ability to pay.  

Our preventive health services are cutting edge as well with all types of inclinic screenings and preventive care/wellness opportunities available including rapid testing, early detection screenings, cutting edge AI retinal imaging scanners, and more. 

Our Services Include: 


Walk-Ins for urgent medical concerns are WELCOME all day long every day.

Annual Wellness Visit

We collect your health history, including surgeries, hospital stays, allergies, treatments, and medications and any acute issue.

Measure height, weight, body-mass index (BMI), and blood pressure.

Well Child Visit

Our providers will ask about questions or concerns on how your child is growing and developing according to age: benchmarks. In our well child visit you can expect a review of weight and height and calculate body mass index (BMI) to determine if your child is growing normally, a head-to-toe physical exam will be done, and necessary immunizations or vaccinations.

Managing Chronic illness

A chronic illness is a long- term health condition that typically cannot be cured but is treatable and manageable. If you have a chronic illness Our medical providers will help you with management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and so much more. Managing chronic illness can help you improve Quality of life. 

Women’s Health

Desert Senita focuses on the treatment of women’s health conditions. We offer in our services including women’s breast exams, manual pelvic exam, also attending to the symptoms and treatment for menopause. Our providing specialist can recommend options, for birth control according to your medical history. Visit us today to make an annual women’s health visit!



Our Desert Senita Team works closely to deliver the most comprehensive care and provide you with a great patient experience!
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